Class Environment

There is always time for respect and humor in class. The most important people who come into the studio are our STUDENTS, so we treat them right and have a good time in class.

A student will never be pressured to do something that he or she is not comfortable with. Most of the formalities that have come to have been associated with martial arts training have been dispensed with at the studio.

Bowing is not practiced, nor are there traditional uniforms or belt rankings. These customs are vestiges from cultures very different than ours. While we capture the essence of these arts, we do not force an outdated, militaristic approach on the students.

We prefer to workout hard, everytime, in an informal atmosphere, one conducive to both achievement and a good sense of humor. There are no honorifics necessary in addressing the teacher, nor is there any guilt dispensed towards students by the teacher. We want you to succeed and will do everything in our power to provide you with a winning atmosphere.