December 2000

A writer for Black Belt Magazine, Mark Cheng, interviewed me primarily because I had studied with Sifu Jackman Wong. Mark has since become a good friend of mine, someone who I respect as a geniune expert on Kung Fu and whose love of the art makes him a worthy instructor.

After speaking about a number of topics regarding Kung Fu, we were able to identify a rare, high level practice that Sifu Wong had taught me in Hsing Yi Sword. While any talk of Hsing Yi is always intriguiging, the article was really intended more to highlight Sifu Wong's teaching style.

The teaching process that Sifu Wong engages in is very different from most instructors and worth considering. As Westerners, there tends to be a lack of understanding on how true "Old School" Masters functioned. I am grateful to have had such an amazing man as my teacher and the direct experience of his mind in the way he taught Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Hsing Yi.

As with articles of this nature, much of that discussion was lost in editing. I hope that there will be further chances to speak of Sifu Wong's methods, for he is a legendary teacher whose influence on Kung Fu in America is profound.