Yang Style Tai Chi

Single Whip Tai Chi Ch'uan is one of three major Internal Martial Arts, with Hsing Yi Ch'uan and BaGua Chang being the other two. All are based on complete Chinese Philosophical systems, Tai Chi on Yin/Yang dualism.

While Tai Chi is not as physically demanding as Kung Fu at it's most basic levels, it is the best of all the Chinese Arts for generating internal power/"Chi" (central nervous system energy). It is also incomparable for healing injuries and for providing injured or out of shape students with a means to strengthen the body safely.

Ultimately, at it's highest level of practice, it is a more dominant martial art than Shaolin and physically just as demanding.

Within our practice, we use the Tai Chi Pre-Birth System to "power" all of our internal martial systems. This system is unknown to practically all Tai Chi instructors in the West and Communist China. With this foundation, the "Supreme Ultimate Fist" can be taken up to it's legendary heights of self-development, martial art, longevity, and wisdom.

Tai Chi's sophisticated philosophy of providing both soft, elusive defenses and bone crushing attacks is without equal strategically. We feature Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan, a masterfully designed system that boasts a beautiful long form and super strengthening sword forms.

Tai Chi Straight Sword


  • Pre-Birth System
  • Long Yang Form (Modified by Ku Yu Cheong)
  • Straight Sword
  • Push Hands
  • Da Lu- "Four Corners"
  • Double Sword
  • San Shou Fighting
  • Sword vs. Sword