I was interviewed by the San Francisco Bay Area Spectrum about a Seniors Class I taught from 1992 to 1994. The seniors in the class experienced remarkable results from the program, which is what got the paper's attention.

The oldest student in that class, Jeanne Pope, started when she was 87 years old and had to be assisted back and forth from the parking when she first started. She had an amazing recovery of health, and her life was enhanced greatly by the new found strength that Tai Chi and Chi Kung provided. She recently passed away, but I thank her for paving the way for all to experience the benefits of Tai Chi.

I would also like to thank Dr. Rong Rong Zheng for her many contributions to my understanding of how Chinese Medicine, Chi Kung/meditation, and Chinese Martial Arts are best utilized in the pursuit of the highest levels of health. She works in conjunction with Stanford University doing research on bioluminescence, while providing the highest level of cancer treatment using Chinese Medicine in cooperation with UCSF.

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