Injury Rehabilitation

Many injured people turn to Martials Arts and Yoga as exercise therapies to heal injuries, sometimes in conjuction with other treatments, other times as a last resort when all other treatments have failed.

The rehabilitation of injuries can be a depressing affair. Many injuries are slow to respond to therapy; some are beyond the ability of Western Medicine to repair, even with surgery. For the injured person, facing a future where constant pain and impaired movement is a likelihood, a positive daily attitude can be hard to summon.

We have had our share of injured people come to the studio, many as a last resort after seeing a multitude of specialists. Much to their surprise, most make significant gains, if not completely heal. All it takes is expertise in using these arts as healing tools.

As someone who has had sciatica, a hip pointer, a hyper-extended shoulder, neck spasms, knee injuries, and a severly sprained wrist, I know how serious injuries can make life miserable.

As someone who has healed all of these injuries using Thai Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and/or bodywork, I know how empowering it is to overcome an injury that threatens to disrupt our everyday activities.

Don't be afraid to try. Call (310) 666-9361 and to make an appointment. It may be the best call that you ever make.